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How to choose the correct diaphragm pump


There are various of different kinds of pump in the market. Diaphragm pum has a big advantage that it can run dry for a long time without any problem.

it's more safty and higher efficiency.

When people choose a pump, generally they will consider the wattage,the power supply volt,flow rate, head and suction, and pressure.In order to make sure the pump

can work well for a longer time, there is some important issure they have to consider also.

  1. what kinds of liquid pumps.

  2. need to choose the right valve and diaphragm material meet the liquid.

  3. different material of valve and diaphragm is suitable for different liquid.

    a.TPV material is suitable for organic liquid,such as strong acid and strong alkali.

    b.Chemigum material is suitable for light acid and light alkali.

    c.Silica gel materil is suitable for food grade liquid,such as drink water and beverage ect.

    d.PU material is suitable for diesel oil , petrol and urea ect.

    e.FKM is suitable for  strong acid and strong alkali,and it won't become deformed compare to the TPV.

Hope that such information will help people when they decide to buy a diaphragm pump.




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